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Fellowship Support Program Registrar handbook



    1. Entitlements
  1. Withdrawal and re-entry
  2. Disputes and complaints


You’re entitled to different types of leave from your training program.


We manage your training program leave. You’ll need to speak to your employer about leave you can take from your training site. The leave you’re entitled to may differ between workplaces and Australian states and territories. Ensure you check what your allowances are on the relevant government website.

In each six-month training term, you can take the following leave without advising your program team (but you'll need to advise and/or negotiate with your training site):

  • two weeks of annual leave
  • one week of sick or carers leave.

If you want to take more, or other types of leave, you should submit change in circumstance form (with supporting evidence) for approval before taking leave.

Discuss your plans for leave with your program officer and ME as early as possible, because there may be implications for your training plan, sitting Fellowship exams and your completion of training.

If your leave extends beyond a reasonable timeframe (for the particular category of leave), your program and education team may consider withdrawing you from the training program as per the Withdrawal Policy.