Fellowship Support Program Registrar handbook


Who’s who in training

      1. Who’s who in training

Who’s who in training

Training program team

As a new registrar, you'll be supported from the time you enter the FSP through to Fellowship.

Your training program team includes a program officer, medical educator (ME) and your nominated supervisor.

In addition, you'll be supported by your training site and FSP registrar liaison officer (RLO).

Program officer

Program officers are the key contact for all training related administrative tasks. They assist with all activities in the training program, keep track of your progress and will be in close contact with medical educators.

Medical educator

MEs are experienced GPs with educational and practical knowledge in the general practice environment.

At the beginning of training, you'll be allocated an ME who will mentor, guide and support you in your education and learning. Your ME can assist with clinically focused queries, however, their role does not extend to your clinical supervision. Be aware that MEs usually work part-time as they also work in general practice. If you need urgent assistance from an ME and yours isn't available, please contact your program officer who will put you in touch with an available ME.


Supervisors are integral to general practice training. As part of an apprenticeship model, a supervisor is a professional role model for a registrar, helping to lay the foundation for lifelong learning, professionalism and high-quality patient care.

Supervisors are experienced GPs and provide advice and support, one-on-one teaching, supervision, feedback and assess registrar progress via assessments. In rural areas, a supervisor provides local information and support to the registrar. Supervisors contribute to team-based learning in hte practice setting, which will include other GPs and practice staff.

Supervisors are often the most important person supporting a registrar in general practice training.

Registrar liaison officer

RLOs provide confidential advice, care, information and support to registrars. RLOs understand the issues facing registrars because they're GP registrars themselves.

An RLO may:

  • provide personal insights
  • act as a conduit through which registrar ideas or challenges about the program can be discussed
  • refer you to a health professional for further support
  • facilitate social networking or group events as a way of helping registrars debrief and support each other.

The RLO will not act as an advocate for individual registrar issues.

You can contact a RLO at fsprlo@racgp.org.au