Requirements for Fellowship

FSP Registrar Handbook
      1. Requirements for Fellowship


Before you transition from general practice registrar to Fellow, your training must be assessed as completed and you must meet the requirements to apply for and be admitted to Fellowship as per the Requirements for Fellowship Policy. You can then apply for Fellowship.

As you approach the end of your FSP education component, you’ll have an exit interview with your program team. This will take place during your final training term when you’ve completed most program requirements. The exit interview may cover a range of topics, including requirements for exam eligibility and Fellowship, your feedback on the training and your program team, and any interest you have in becoming a supervisor or medical educator after you complete Fellowship requirements.

Requirements for Fellowship

To be eligible to be admitted to Fellowship, you must meet:

  • education and training program requirements
  • administrative requirements
  • professional and ethical requirements.

Training program requirements

Fellowship is the formal end point of the FSP. You should monitor your progress towards Fellowship throughout your training journey, together with your program team.

When you have successfully completed the education component of the FSP, you may already be eligible to commence exams. Formal confirmation of having met education and training requirements will be issued. Some FSP registrars will have a general practice time requirement that needs to be met before being eligible, even if their education program requirements have been met. This requirement will be determined by a general practice experience assessment.