FSP Registrar Handbook


Preparing for Fellowship

FSP Registrar Handbook
      1. Preparing for Fellowship

Preparing for Fellowship

Once you’ve satisfactorily completed all Fellowship requirements as per the Requirements for Fellowship Policy, you’ll be able to submit evidence for approval by the relevant censor.

Education requirements

  • Completion of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health unit in the RACGP Curriculum and syllabus.
  • Completion of all mandatory education activities, including:
    • participation in mandatory education activities
    • completion of required self-directed online learning
    • CPD compliance.
  • Completion of the workplace-based assessment program at a satisfactory standard.
  • Attendance at a minimum of two meetings per year with your ME.

Experience requirements

  • Completion of the required period of program time. For all registrars this includes a minimum of three years (FTE) specialist general practice vocational training made up of at least two years FTE in comprehensive Australian general practice in the last 10 years as determined by a valid GPE assessment outcome, assessed as per the Assessment of General Practice Experience Policy.
  • Additional requirements for rural generalist registrars:
    • 52 weeks of additional rural skills training (ARST)
    • 26 weeks of core emergency medicine training (core EMT).

Examination requirements

You must have passed all Fellowship exams during your period of candidacy.

Basic life support and advanced life support training

  • Completion of basic life support (BLS) training in the six months prior to program commencement.
  • Completion of BLS training in the 12 months prior to applying for Fellowship. To ensure your BLS training is with an approved course, refer to Training program requirements. Basic life support training.
  • Completion of advanced life support (ALS) training within four years prior to applying for Fellowship. To ensure your ALS training is recognised it must:

Administrative requirements

During your training you must:

  • hold current Australian medical registration at all times and disclose any addenda or regulatory authority activity, whether in Australia or otherwise, that:
    • has led or may lead to an addendum on your AHPRA medical registration
    • has led to an adverse finding or forms part of an ongoing investigation
    • is considered notifiable conduct.
If you fail to disclose details of your medical registration as outlined above, the situation will be handled as per the Academic Misconduct Policy.
  • maintain financial membership of the RACGP from the time of joining the training program and throughout your candidature.

Professional and ethical requirements

GPs are expected to uphold standards of professional and ethical behaviour to protect the reputation of the profession as a whole. Admittance to Fellowship of the RACGP demonstrates that you are considered to meet these standards.

You may not be admitted to Fellowship if we reasonably consider that you:

  • are unsuitable to be admitted to Fellowship in accordance with the Fit and Proper Fellow Policy
  • have engaged in conduct which would attract sanctions under clause 27 of the RACGP Constitution
  • have addenda on your current AHPRA medical registration that prevent you from undertaking unsupervised comprehensive Australian general practice.