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Fellowship Support Program Registrar handbook

Fellowship exams

Exam eligibility

  1. Withdrawal and re-entry
  2. Disputes and complaints
    1. Exam eligibility

Exam eligibility

When you have successfully completed the education component of the FSP, you may already be eligible to commence exams. Formal confirmation of having met education and training requirements will be issued. Some FSP registrars will have a general practice time requirement that needs to be met before being eligible, even if their education program requirements have been met. This requirement will be determined by a GPE assessment, read more below.

You’re eligible to sit the Fellowship exams when we determine you meet all of the following requirements as per the Fellowship exams policy:

  • Satisfactory completion of education and training requirements of the FSP education component, including:
    • workplace-based assessment
    • education activities
    • any other sources of feedback and assessment we use to determine if you’re eligible to sit exams.
  • Satisfactory completion of two calendar years (or 18 months with RPLE) of the education component of the FSP by the date of the AKT.
    • Where the AKT or KFP is scheduled up to 31 calendar days prior to the training term end date, the RACGP will allow registrars from affected states or territories to sit the examination.
  • A valid GPE assessment of one year (FTE) of comprehensive Australian general practice experience in the last four years.
  • You have held appropriate Australian medical registration throughout the training program.
  • You have been a financial member of the RACGP throughout the training program. You must maintain membership until you’re admitted to Fellowship, or your candidacy is exhausted (refer to Candidacy for more information).
  • You have notified us of any changes to your medical registration during training, including a restriction, condition, limitation, reprimand, supervision requirement, tribunal outcome, suspension, undertaking and/or other remark or change.


Part time general practice experience is calculated pro-rata against the definition of full time general practice experience. If you work part time, this will impact your assessable experience and therefore the time it takes to meet the exam eligibility requirement of one year FTE of general practice experience.

General practice experience assessment

You need a valid GPE assessment outcome to be eligible to enrol in RACGP exams. A GPE assessment can take up to 10 weeks to assess, and if you don't have a valid GPE assessment outcome by the close of enrolments for the relevant exam period, you'll be unable to enrol in the exam.


For step-by-step instructions on how to complete your GPE application, please read both the Applying for a general practice experience assessment guidance document and the Assessment of general practice experience policy.