FSP Registrar Handbook

Fellowship exams

Exam eligibility

FSP Registrar Handbook
      1. Exam eligibility

Exam eligibility

You’re eligible to sit the Fellowship exams when we determine you meet all of the following requirements as per the Fellowship Exams Policy:

  • Satisfactory completion of education and training requirements of the FSP education component, including:
    • workplace-based assessment
    • required education activities, for example, lectures, workshops, and other learning activities
    • any other sources of feedback and assessment we use to determine if you’re eligible to sit exams.
  • Satisfactory completion of two calendar years (or 18 months with RPLE) of the education component of the FSP by the date of the AKT.
  • A valid general practice experience assessment of one year (FTE) of comprehensive Australian general practice experience in the last four years.
  • You have held Australian general medical registration throughout the training program
  • You have been a financial member of the RACGP throughout the training program. You must maintain membership until you’re admitted to Fellowship, or your candidacy is exhausted (refer to Candidacy for more information).