Fellowship Support Program (FSP)

Supporting GPs in Training on the General Practice Experience Pathway to prepare for Fellowship.

Fellowship Support Program (FSP)

Supporting GPs in Training on the General Practice Experience Pathway to prepare for Fellowship.

What is the Fellowship Support Program (FSP)?

The FSP is a new education and training program to support doctors on the General Practice Experience (GPE) Pathway when the Department of Health subsidy for the Practice Experience Program (PEP) ends in June 2023.
  • Self-funded
  • 24-month program (four terms) 
  • Two intakes per year
  • Applications for the first intake opened on Monday 4 July 2022 and closed 12.00 pm AEST Monday 18 July 2022, with eligible applicants completing the entry assessment in October 2022.
  • First intake commences on 23 January 2023
  • Australian or New Zealand Citizenship, or Temporary or Permanent resident.
  • General or limited medical registration (Level 2 supervision and above, at the point of application, only) enabling full scope of practice.
  • Must be employed or have an employment offer in comprehensive general practice in an MMM 2-7 location at the time of application.
  • Must work in a training location that complies with the General Practice Fellowship Program Placement Guidelines if a Provider Number under the FSP is required.
  • Applicants must have a minimum of one exam semester remaining to complete all Fellowship examinations, as per the Fellowship Exam Attempts Policy
  • Applicants must submit a new application for every intake they apply for. They cannot continue with an incomplete application from a previous intake.

For more detailed information see FSP fees.  

Description Cost
Year 1 (cost per term) With own Supervisor: $10,000 AUD/per term
With remote Supervision: $13,000 AUD/per term
Year 2 (cost per term) With own Supervisor: $6,000 AUD/per term
With remote Supervision: $8,000 AUD/per term
RACGP Membership fee (Registrar) 1 July 2022 – 30 June 2023 (pro-rata) $483 AUD per year
  • Workplace-based assessments and learning activities to inform training and progress towards Fellowship.
  • Regular case-review and supervision by accredited supervisors.
  • Individualised support from a Program Training Advisor and Medical Educator Mentor.
  • Small and large group learning opportunities.
  • Access to the RACGP curriculum-based education modules and focused exam preparation resources.

What does the post-education fee cover?

The post-education fee covers:

  • Program administration and IT infrastructure
  • Management of Medicare provider numbers
  • Monitoring exam eligibility and progress.

What is not covered by the fee:

  • attendance at optional paid exam preparation courses and workshops
  • travel, accommodation, and additional expenses that you may incur in the course of training
  • General Practice Experience Assessments
  • enrolment in Fellowship exams
  • application for RACGP Fellowship
  • remediation, if required.

Is the change training site/location fee specific to the post-education phase?

Yes. Rather than apply an increase to the annual fee for all applicants in post-education, a fee specifically for those who need to change practices after their education program period has been made to cover the administration costs of this process.

  • Existing exam candidacy will be suspended until you satisfactorily complete the education and training requirements of the program.
  • The Training program policies for 2023 provide FSP applicants with overarching information on what is required for progression through your training program towards fellowship, however, some detail on exam eligibility and requirements for fellowship is yet to be published. We want to assure all applicants their exam eligibility and requirements for fellowship will be no more than what is currently stipulated in the General Practice Experience Pathway Exam Eligibility Policy and the General Practice Experience Pathway Requirements for Fellowship Policy.
    However, we’re working on the exact criteria for you considering the increased support of the FSP in relation to when these policies were originally written. We’ll provide all applicants with advice regarding what these details are before you are required to sign any FSP program agreements in late November. Please note, the high level detail on what is required for FSP registrar exam eligibility and fellowship can be found in the Fellowship Exams Policy and Requirements for Fellowship Policy.


Our list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) addresses several topics that potential applicants are likely to ask.

FSP fees

The FSP is self-funded by participants and the cost can vary depending on your access to and level of supervision. Review the breakdown of FSP fees.

FSP resources

To help you understand and be prepared for specific stages of the FSP, please refer to the FSP resources.

FSP policies

The FSP is governed by specific RACGP policies. Please read these to understand what’s required of you during the educational phase and post-education phase of the program.

We’re here to help

If you have any queries, you can call us on 1800 472 247 or email fspadmin@racgp.org.au.

Please be mindful that we are still in the approval process for some stages of this program and when we can release more information, we will. You can register your interest if you’d like to be kept up to date with newly released information.