FSP Accreditation Standards for Training Sites and Supervisors

Principles of accreditation

Principles of accreditation

  1. Training site and supervision accreditation processes ensure:
    • the training site provides a safe environment for the registrar and the patient
    • the training site provides quality training suitable to the registrar’s training needs
    • supervision is matched to the training needs and competence of the registrar. 
  2. There is a nationally consistent application of the training standards through objective accreditation assessments based on clear eligibility criteria and defined expectations.
  3. There is a focus on quality improvement throughout accreditation that facilitates supportive relationships and fosters positive learning environments.
  4.  The reaccreditation process is based on continuous monitoring throughout the accreditation cycle.

The RACGP National accreditation framework and Accreditation Policy detail the development and application of key principles, governance and processes, and link to all associated documentation, such as the RACGP Curriculum and syllabus for Australian general practice and other education and assessment systems.

Accreditation governance

The National Accreditation Committee has oversight of the accreditation of RACGP training sites and supervisors; it monitors and assesses the effectiveness of the system and ensures alignment with both the RACGP and AMC standards.

The National Accreditation Unit manages the accreditation functions nationally to ensure consistency. The unit’s responsibilities include:

  • liaison with stakeholders, such as practice accreditation agencies and other specialist medical colleges, particularly the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM)
  • consultation and expert advice regarding appeals or complaints about accreditation processes (eg non- or de-accreditation of sites or supervisors)
  • development of standard processes and training of regional accreditation teams
  • coordination of regional reporting to the National Accreditation Committee.

National accreditation teams are responsible for accreditation and reaccreditation in the context of the local environment, including liaison with relevant local bodies and supporting practices and monitoring their performance. The FSP National Clinical Lead and accreditation team will make decisions about applications for accreditation and report to the National Accreditation Committee.