FSP Accreditation Standards for Training Sites and Supervisors

Concerns, remediation and accreditation conditions

Concerns, remediation and accreditation conditions

There are many points of contact between the RACGP and the site and supervisor. These include informal liaison, regular RACGP regional team contact and support, professional development, registrar feedback, supervisor feedback, and workplace-based assessment visits.

The Regional RACGP team is available to support the site and assist with any issues that may arise. From time to time, conflicts between sites and registrars may occur. All issues raised with the RACGP will be fairly investigated with the aim of a resolution that provides the best training outcomes for the registrar while also supporting the site and supervisors.

Critical incidents, adverse events and patient complaints have specific reporting requirements. These are outlined in this document, the Accredited training site and supervisor agreement and in the RACGP critical incident reporting guidelines.

The RACGP will work with the site and supervisor to address any concerns. Clear actions and goals will be agreed. The site and supervisor will be supported to remediate with additional education and assistance. In some instances, it may be necessary to apply accreditation conditions. This may include additional professional development, additional documentation or reporting, or withdrawal of a placement for a period of time.