FSP provider number/s


Yes, as in the General Practice Fellowship Placement Guidelines, the RACGP is authorised to approve A1 Medicare Provider Numbers for those taking part in an RACGP Approved Fellowship Program at an accredited training site located in Modified Monash (MM) Model areas 2-7.


You are expected to already work in, or have a job offer to work in, comprehensive general practice.

The RACGP will not source employment for you.


Under FSP, you may have two provider numbers for regular training sites. If the training sites are branches then you may have up to three provider numbers if the following requirements are met:

  • Provides services consistent with comprehensive general practice
  • Training sites have the same ownership
  • Training sites share patient databases
  • Training sites share booking and medical record systems
  • Training sites share staff (doctors work across both practices)

You can move training sites if the new training site complies with supervision, accreditation, provider number, and comprehensive general practice guidelines.

You can apply to change, or add an additional training site, via the change in circumstance form on your FSP Portal homepage.

You can apply for a change in circumstance (CIC) via the CIC form on the FSP portal. The process to change training sites, outlined below, is to ensure you have a smooth transition from one training site to the next.

The steps are as follows:   

  1. Secure the training site that you wish to work at as early as possible and obtain a letter of employment.
  2. Submit a CIC form which is located on your portal in the profile section. You will need your letter of employment to complete the form.
  3. Your application will be reviewed, and you’ll receive an outcome from the approved placements team.
  4. If the CIC is approved, you will receive a Medicare provider number application form to complete and return to RACGP.
  5. The completed Medicare application will be processed, and the form will be forwarded to Medicare. You will be notified via email when it's been sent to Medicare.
  6. Medicare will notify you once your new provider number is approved. Please note, this notification is only sent to you, not to RACGP or your training site.
  7. Once you receive the new provider number you will be able to start work at your new training site. 

Please note, if you are not working in the meantime, you will also need to submit a CIC for leave.  
Things to consider:  

Allow approximately 6 - 8 weeks (this is a rough estimate as it depends on Medicare) for the processing of any change in training site applications, pending approvals. This time allows for:

  • the RACGP to review your application
  • you and new training site to complete the Medicare application form and return to RACGP (if approved)
  • Medicare to process new provider number
  • your new training site to ensure they comply with supervision, accreditation, provider number, and comprehensive general practice guidelines.

You will need to work in a training site location in a Modified Monash (MM) Model area 2-7. If you wish to apply for an MM1 location, please refer to the FSP consideration of extenuating and unforeseen circumstances guide.

If you need to change supervisors, you need to submit a CIC for a new supervisor.