No, participants will not be able to sit the RACGP Fellowship exams while in the education component of the FSP. Successful progression through and completion of the education and training component of the program will contribute to exam eligibility.


Your exam candidacy will be paused during your time in the program. It will resume on completion of the program. It is important to note that your candidacy will resume, not be renewed.


The RACGP will deliver the FSP. Please note, like the existing PEP-Standard, you will be supported by regional and national teams, including Medical Educators and Program Training Coordinators.


If you are on another pathway and your exam candidacy has not expired, you will be eligible to apply to the FSP. Please note, eligibility requirements for the FSP remain the same for applicants who are not already on a Fellowship pathway.


Yes, however as in the RACGP’s Vocational Training Requirements for Fellowship Policy, You need to meet the RACGP’s part-time requirement, which is made up of:

  • A minimum 14.5 hour working week, over a minimum of two days per week, of which a minimum of 10.5 hours must be in face-to-face, rostered, patient consultation time undertaking general practice activities.
  • Work periods of less than three consecutive hours, or of less than one month in any one practice, will not be considered.