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Education program and Assessments


You will need to complete an Early Assessment of Supervision and Learning (EASL) and a series of workplace-based assessments (WBA) while in the program. The assessments will be completed by your GP Supervisor and Medical Educator. You can refer to the Application Handbook for more information.


The EASL is comprises online Multiple Choice Questions, and WBAs. The purpose of the EASL is to inform your learning and supervision planning.


Workplace-based assessments (WBA) are assessments done in the workplace by GP Supervisors and Medical Educators to assess actual performance in general practice settings. WBA is a key part of progressive assessment, which informs progress throughout training.

The WBAs you will be expected to complete in the program include Direct Observations, Random Case Analysis, Case Base Discussions and Multisource Feedback. You can read more about WBAs in the FSP Application Handbook.


During the FSP you will be required to participate in additional education activities such as an Early Assessment of Supervision Learning (EASL), an event analysis, a ReCEnT audit, an evidence-based medicine review and a diversity of practice activity. You’ll also have regular education sessions with your supervisor and monthly education sessions with your medical educator. There are twice yearly 2 day workshops which are optional. 


Continuing professional development (CPD) during the education component of the FSP is covered by the education program. Meaning, while you are on the FSP and progressing adequately, your CPD requirement to comply with the Medical Board of Australia’s CPD requirements for the two years shall be covered. When you are in the post-education FSP you will need to comply with new CPD registration standards from the Medical Board of Australia. There are optional comprehensive learning modules available as part of the FSP.


No, you will have the opportunity to take part in face-to-face and online small group and workshop learning and networking activities. You will also have access to the RACGP’s online learning modules, which are based on the curriculum and focus on exam preparation.

While undertaking training on the FSP, you will meet regularly with your training coordinator and Medical Educator to discuss your progress as informed by the WBA activities, education engagement and supervisor feedback. 

If you need some additional support during the FSP, your Medical Educator will work with you and your supervisor to develop a Focused Learning Intervention (FLI) plan to address your learning needs.  There may be additional costs outside of your program fees to implement additional education support which you will be expected to cover. Fees for remediation will vary depending on the activity recommended and the duration of those activities. A detailed list will be provided by your training administrator prior to commencing. If you are still not meeting the program expectations after a Focussed Learning Intervention, you can either enter a remediation term (extending your program time) or withdraw from the program.