Monitoring and feedback

Student and supervisor feedback

Evidence of quality education and supervision should be available if required in order to ensure the ongoing standing of medical student supervision in Australia.

For this purpose it would be reasonable for the medical school to request the following feedback regarding the placement. This feedback could be made available to the RACGP if requested.

The following feedback should be available through the medical school’s evaluation processes.


  1. Students will be asked to provide feedback on:
    • the quality of teaching and clinical support provided
  2. Supervisors will be asked to provide feedback on:
    • professional development as a supervisor and a clinical educator


  1. Students will be asked to provide feedback on the adequacy of:
    • the orientation and induction process
    • on-site support and supervision arrangements
  2. Supervisors should provide medical students with feedback on:
    • their clinical performance
    • the reaction of staff and patients to their work in the practice


Guidelines for the Supervision of Medical Students in General Practice (PDF 651 KB) is designed for use by general practitioners and the primary care team to assess their suitability and capability to take on the responsibility for supervising medical students and prevocational doctors.

Teaching medical students - Tips from the frontline an article by Dr James Best uses a case study to illustrate key aspects of supervising medical students in general practice.

Trainees in the Practice: practical issues an article that describes the key aspects of patient and financial management when trainees are present in the practice and suggests solutions to potential issues.

Practice teaching tips for busy clinicians from a series of articles originally published in the Medical Journal of Australia. These also include hospital training, but the principles apply to supervision in the general practice setting. Each topic focuses on how the clinical environment provides enormous opportunities for effective experiential learning.


For further enquires about these resources or supervision of medical students:

 1800 472 247 
 international +61 (3) 8699 0300