The RACGP supporting trainers

The RACGP is committed to ensuring trainers are supported in their efforts and have sufficient opportunity to develop their skills as supervisors, educators and mentors.

The RACGP is recognised by the AMC, the profession and the community as the body responsible for maintaining the standards of training for general practice in Australia.

The RACGP will continue to advocate for and support supervisors.

The Fellows and members of this college who are trainers are our most important resource – they shape the future of our profession.

With this assertion in mind the RACGP has embarked on a process of developing a set of guidelines for supervision of undergraduate general practice placements. These guidelines have been developed with the valuable input from our prevocational subcommittee. The guidelines are addressed to GPs who are taking responsibility for supervising medical students within a primary care setting – referred to throughout as supervisors.

The RACGP provides these guidelines for the use of universities to facilitate the process of ensuring that the standard of supervision is uniformly high throughout Australia with suitable role models, experience, supervision, teaching and access to proper resources and facilities.

The RACGP sees the process as a collaborative one – working with universities, general practices, general practice supervisors and all concerned to continually improve the experience of our future medical practitioners in their general practice placements and ensure that it is a positive experience for all involved.

The RACGP recognises that due to the anticipated increase in the number of medical students who will be required to undertake community based training placements in coming years the development and use of guidelines is timely and beneficial to the profession.

The booklet addresses guidelines for supervised general practice placements under the headings:

  1. Guidelines for general practice supervisors
  2. Guidelines for the education of supervised medical students
  3. Guidelines for support required for medical students
  4. Guidelines for the general practice or primary care facility

Those aspects that are identified as useful in monitoring feedback of the experience during the supervised placement are outlined under Education, Support and Workload.


Guidelines for the Supervision of Medical Students in General Practice (PDF 651 KB) is designed for use by general practitioners and the primary care team to assess their suitability and capability to take on the responsibility for supervising medical students and prevocational doctors.

Teaching medical students - Tips from the frontline an article by Dr James Best uses a case study to illustrate key aspects of supervising medical students in general practice.

Trainees in the Practice: practical issues an article that describes the key aspects of patient and financial management when trainees are present in the practice and suggests solutions to potential issues.

Practice teaching tips for busy clinicians from a series of articles originally published in the Medical Journal of Australia. These also include hospital training, but the principles apply to supervision in the general practice setting. Each topic focuses on how the clinical environment provides enormous opportunities for effective experiential learning.


For further enquires about these resources or supervision of medical students:

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 international +61 (3) 8699 0300