General practice training terms and definitions

Education committee

Each faculty of the RACGP has an education committee with subcommittees that oversee vocational training and associated standards, continuing professional development and relationships with undergraduate departments of general practice.


The RACGP is a faculty-based organisation with six state faculties (see Contact addresses) and the National Rural Faculty; the faculty chairs sit on the national council that governs the college.


A GP who has been admitted to Fellowship (or is a Fellow) of the RACGP. Fellowship is granted to those who demonstrate that they have reached the standard required for unsupervised general practice in Australia. See Requirements for Fellowship 2005.

General practice

General practice is part of the Australian health care system and operates through primary care facilities (predominantly private medical practices), which provide universal, unreferred access to whole person medical care for individuals, families and communities. General practice care means comprehensive, coordinated and continuing medical care drawing on biomedical, psychological, social and environmental understandings of health.

General practitioner (GP)

A registered medical practitioner who:

  • is qualified and competent for general practice anywhere in Australia
  • has the skills and experience to provide whole person, comprehensive, coordinated and continuing medical care
  • maintains professional competence for general practice.

Australian GPs are vocationally recognised, (recognised by Medicare Australia as a GP). This includes a requirement for maintaining professional development.

General practice regional training provider

An organisation providing general practice vocational training. They are accredited for this purpose by the RACGP, GPET and ACRRM when appropriate.

General Practice Education and Training Pty Ltd (GPET):

A not for profit company whose Education and Training officers are appointed by the Federal Minister for Health and Ageing. GPET contracts general practice training providers to provide general practice vocational training.

GP Tutor:

Those individuals who provide GP training within an academic setting.

Medical educator

A GP employed by the general practice regional training provider who designs and participates in the general practice training program and takes on the role of an off site clinical educator.

National Standing Committee Education

The committee that is charged with the following terms of reference.

Terms of reference:

  • provide strategic direction with regard to education and professional standards within the college and promote this to Council RACGP Guidelines for the Supervision of Medical Students in General Practice Page 5 of 11
  • maintain the strategic plan for education and professional standards
  • communicate strategy and policy to other key organisations and stakeholders
  • ensure the quality of education in general practice is maintained and improved to meet members and other stakeholders expectations
  • ensure members (and other GPs) embrace the highest possible professional standards
  • ensure that the college exceeds the standards expected by the Australian Medical Council
  • provide direction and respond to issues raised by the sub-committees
  • ensure the policy developed by the subcommittees and strategic developments are coordinated.

Prevocational Subcommittee

A subcommittee of the National Standing Committee Education committee that is charged with the task of ensuring vertical integration between medical student, prevocational doctor and GP.

Specific terms of reference include:

  • development of policy for undergraduate placements in general practice
  • development of policy for prevocational (PGY 1 & 2) education experience in general practice.

RACGP censor

A RACGP censor determines whether college standards have been met.


A registered medical practitioner who is enrolled in a general practice training program approved by the RACGP to achieve Fellowship of the RACGP.


A university student who is enrolled in a primary medical degree and is undertaking a general practice placement.


The GP with responsibility to guide the medical student in their general practice placement. It is their responsibility to provide clinical education, placement management and supervision and the GP with responsibility for registrar training in a clinical setting. The trainer takes responsibility for clinical education and placement management. This includes the role of general practice supervisor and mentor.

Training placements

Training placements are placements where general practice registrars are employed to undertake vocational training in general practice. These placements are also used in the education and supervision of students and prevocational doctors.


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