GP mental health Treatment plan template

A resource for GPs

The GPMHTP templates can enhance the quality of mental health care provision and support GPs in the management of patients with a mental illness.

Four GPMHTP templates are available which were piloted in 2013-14.

The suite includes:

  • A template for use with adult patients
  • A template for use with child and adolescent patients
  • A Subjective Objective Assessment Plan template that outlines a different method for collecting and recording information
  • A Minimal requirements template that includes only the basic information required for referral, as specified by Medicare Australia.

These new GPMHTP templates are available for download below as is some additional resources relating to development of GP Mental Health Treatment Plans.

The templates are designed to provide prompts in the assessment, treatment planning and review of patients experiencing symptoms of a mental illness, and to assist in the documentation of this information. It is not necessary to complete all fields in preparing the GPMHTP. GPs may choose to adapt the templates according to the needs of their practice and their patients.


It is not mandatory to use any particular form when preparing and claiming for a GPMHTP.