Communication between medical and mental health professionals

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Improving communication between medical and mental health providers

The introduction of the Better Access to Psychiatrists, Psychologists and GPs through the Medicare Benefits Schedule initiative in 2006 has seen increased treatment rates of people with mental health disorders over the last decade.

The General Practice Mental Health Standards Collaboration (GPMHSC) is tasked with supporting mental health professionals, and particularly those who provide services under Better Access.

A primary role of the GPMHSC is the development of competencies in primary mental health service provision through ensuring appropriate training and resources. In reviewing the document below, the GPMHSC identified a need for practical guidelines on effective communication to support mental health professionals generally.

This document extends on the guidelines developed by RANZCP to provide guidance to all mental health professions by outlining best practice principles for communication between medical and mental health professionals, with the aim of improving communication, and ultimately, patient outcomes.