GP provider of Focussed Psychological Strategies

Education GPs Mental Health (GPMHSC) GP provider of Focussed Psychological Strategies

Provider requirements

GPs can become providers of FPS providing they fulfil the training requirements as set by the GPMHSC; FPS are specific mental healthcare treatment strategies, derived from evidence-based psychological therapies.

When registered with Medicare as FPS providers, GPs can provide GP Focussed Psychological Strategies services (item numbers 2721-2727) to a maximum of 10 sessions per person per calendar year.

Access MBS online for up to date item descriptors and rebates.


Appropriate interventions for delivery under the FPS item numbers


Motivational interviewing

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Behavioural interventions

  • Behaviour modification
  • Exposure techniques
  • Activity scheduling

Cognitive interventions

  • Cognitive interventions

Relaxation strategies

  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Controlled breathing

Skills training

  • Problem solving skills and training
  • Anger management
  • Social skills training
  • Communication training
  • Stress management
  • Parent management training

Interpersonal psychotherapy

Benefits to becoming a provider of FPS

  • Ability to access four additional MBS Item Numbers for the provision of FPS. This allows GPs who have completed accredited training activities to be remunerated for providing psychological treatment services
  • Patients residing in rural or remote areas where allied mental health services are scarce can access psychological interventions from their GP
  • GPs who have a high proportion of patients with a mental illness requiring psychological treatment can provide in-house services to accommodate this need.

Becoming a FPS provider

  1. Complete a FPS ST course.
  2. Send your certificate of completion as well as a completed ‘application to become a FPS provider’ form (see link below) to
  3. The GPMHSC will advise Medicare that you have completed the training. Medicare will update your record and advise you in writing when this has occurred.
  4. You can start billing item numbers 2721; 2723; 2725 and; 2727.
  5. Complete a FPS CPD activity every triennium thereafter you have completed your FPS ST and registered to be a GP provider of FPS with Medicare Australia.

Applying for exemption

In exceptional circumstances, the GPMHSC can exempt GPs from completing the requirements for obtaining MHST and/or FPS ST accreditation to gain access to the mental healthcare items through the MBS. Although mental health training is strongly encouraged, GPs who are able to demonstrate that they have achieved the learning outcomes of MHST and or FPS ST are able to apply for an exemption to the GPMHSC.

To apply:

  1. Complete the application for exemption from MHST and/or FPS ST form.
  2. Attach evidence of MH education and training.
  3. Provide evidence of MH/FPS CPD in the past 5 years if formal training was completed more than 5 years ago.
  4. Provide a current resume.
  5. Provide a letter of reference.