GP mental health training and education

Education GPs Mental Health (GPMHSC) GP mental health training and education

Accredited training options

GPs can achieve two levels of accredited mental health training, each correlating with specific sets of MBS item numbers; Level 1 - Mental Health Skills Training and Level 2 - Focussed Psychological Strategies Skills Training.

Level 1 - Mental Health Skills Training (MHST)


Provide training in mental health assessment, treatment planning and review of mental health issues commonly presenting in general practice.


Current Medicare Provider number/s.


Completion of an accredited mental health skills training course (primary or modular pathway; 6 or 7 hours in duration; online or face to face).

Accredited training courses

Item numbers

2715; 2717

Ongoing requirements

Nil (though the GPMHSC encourages GPs to undertake a MH CPD activity each triennium)


Important reminder

The GPMHSC is unable to report your MHST completion to Medicare without your Medicare Provider Number.

To ensure your training is reported to Medicare Australia, please check that your Medicare Provider Number is up to date via the RACGP dashboard.  Alternatively, you can inform us of your Medicare Provider Number by emailing or calling 03 8699 0556.

If you are not a member of the RACGP, please email your certificate of completion, along with your Full Name, DOB, Medicare Provider Number, Practice Address, Preferred Address (if not practice) and contact number.

Level 2 - Focussed Psychological Strategies Skills Training (FPS ST)


Develop skills in provision of evidence based psychological interventions as part of treatment plan for common mental health issues.


Current Medicare Provider number/s

Successfully completed level 1 MHST.


Completion of an accredited FPS ST (20 hours minimum; 12 hour minimum face to face/live interactive training; 8 hour minimum interactive structured learning activity).

Accredited training courses

Item numbers

2721; 2723; 2725; 2727

Ongoing requirements

Completion of an FPS CPD activity each triennium (beginning after the first triennium in which the FPS ST was completed) in order to remain accredited.


On completion of training, email completed FPS provider application form and certificates of completion of both MHST and FPS ST to

Application for exemption from MHST and FPS ST:

  • In exceptional circumstances, the GPMHSC can exempt GPs from completing the requirements for obtaining MHST and/or FPS ST accreditation to gain access to the mental healthcare items through the MBS. Although mental health training is strongly encouraged, GPs who are able to demonstrate that they have achieved the learning outcomes of MHST and or FPS ST are able to apply for an exemption to the GPMHSC.

To apply:

  1. Complete the application for exemption from MHST and/or FPS ST form (see link below).
  2. Attach evidence of MH education and training.
  3. Provide evidence of MH/FPS CPD in the past 5 years if formal training was completed more than 5 years ago.
  4. Provide a current resume.
  5. Provide a letter of reference.

MH and FPS Continuing Professional Development

The GPMHSC adjudicates the content of all mental health continuing professional development (CPD) activities (independently of RACGP QI&CPD and/or ACRRM PDP Departments). This ensures that all education activities for GPs in the area of mental health meet high standards set by the GPMHSC.


FPS CPD extends GP skills in the provision of Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS). It builds on the skills acquired through FPS ST. FPS CPD activities need to be completed by GPs who are registered as FPS providers in each triennium in order to continue to access the MBS item numbers for FPS (2721, 2723, 2725 and 2727).

Access already approved FPS CPD activities here or contact the GPMHSC if you have participated in an activity that you would like assessed as FPS CPD or you have designed your own activity that you believe meets the requirements for FPS CPD. Please send through a detailed program/content outline and certificate of completion if applicable.

GP providers of FPS may elect to fulfil this requirement by completing a small group learning (SGL) activity in FPS. The SGL format offers GP providers of FPS the opportunity to connect with peers who share a similar interest in mental health and general practice. A quick guide to developing small group learning (SGL) activities: a resource for GP providers of FPS provides more information on developing and submitting a SGL activity for your FPS CPD requirement.

Accredited training courses


MH CPD aims to extend GP skills and knowledge in assessing, managing or treating mental illnesses in the context of general practice.

There is no mandatory requirement to complete ongoing MH CPD, but the GPMHSC would recommend completion of at least one MH CPD activity each triennium.

Please access already approved MH CPD activities here, or contact the GPMHSC if you have participated in an activity or designed your own activity that you would like assessed as MH CPD.

For further information about CPD activities in mental health, please see the RACGP QI&CPD guide or the ACRRM PD Program website.

Accredited training courses


The GPMHSC accredits activities under two broad categories:

  • skills training activities
  • continuing professional development (CPD) activities.

Skills training activities


The specific knowledge, abilities, skills and attitudes required to access, manage and provide ongoing mental healthcare in general practice, either through preparing high quality GPMHTPs and/or providing FPS.

Continuing professional development activities


The means by which members of the profession maintain, improve, and broaden their knowledge, expertise and competence, and develop the personal qualities required in their professional lives.

– The Medical Board of Australia

Access the Mental health education standards 2017-2019: A handbook for GPs below for detailed information about the specific education and training required before being eligible to access mental health care MBS item numbers.

Accredited mental health training

See below for available skills training and CPD programs dually accredited with the RACGP and/or ACRRM.