A guide to re-entry to general practice

Permanently leaving practice

Last revised: 19 May 2020

There are times when GPs do leave practice permanently and there are many reasons why this might occur. The decision to leave may be voluntary or it may be forced on the GP, for example, as a result of illness or deregistration. Regardless of the reason, leaving a practice permanently can impact significantly on self-worth and may also have implications with respect to finances and family responsibilities. Attention to self-care is paramount. Consulting with one’s own GP and/or other treating doctors is advisable in the case of illness. Counselling from a psychologist would also assist with surmounting the difficulties of such a life-stage change. If the GP is still able to work and thinking of a career change, a careers advisor could assist with respect to the available options and decision making. The RACGP is also in a position, through providing the allocation of a mentor, to provide support and guidance to GPs in this situation.

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