Policy Update Notice: Withdrawal Policy and Fellowship Exams Policy

05 June 2023

This notice is to advise the RACGP has updated the Withdrawal Policy and Fellowship Exams Policy. These policies supersede previous versions as of 5 June 2023.

What has changed?

Withdrawal Policy

Affected clause



Involuntary withdrawal: clause 5.2.iii

A subclause has been added to the  reasons why registrars may be involuntarily withdrawn for compliance issues:

5.2.iii.h. Failure to pay Training Program term fees (where applicable).

Upon entering the FSP program, registrars are required to self-fund the program. This means either payment of term fees upfront or adherence to an agreed payment plan over the term.

Where a registrar does not pay the term fee on time, they may be withdrawn from the program. The RACGP will make attempts to contact the registrar for payment prior to the involuntary withdrawal occurring.

Fellowship Exams Policy

Affected clause



Eligibility requirements: clause 4.1.ii

Clause 4.1.ii.a has been added stating:

Where the AKT or KFP is scheduled up to 31 calendar days prior to the training term end date, the RACGP will allow Registrars from affected states and territories to sit the examination.

This amendment will alleviate the challenge whereby training term end dates routinely fall after the AKT or KFP exam date.

Exam candidacy: clause 5.7 suspension of candidacy

Clause 5.7.iii.a-b has been added stating:

The RACGP will suspend the Candidacy of a Registrar:

a. for FSP until the Candidate has satisfactorily completed the FSP education component per the FSP Registrar Handbook.

 b. for AGPT until the Candidate has met the exam eligibility requirements per the AGPT Registrar Training Handbook.

Previously it was unclear for FSP Registrars when exam candidacy will recommence when suspended.

This clause clarifies for FSP Registrars candidacy recommences when they have completed the educational component, not when exam eligibility is attained. Registrars have a responsibility to monitor all exam eligibility requirements to enable them to become or maintain exam eligibility.


Clause 5.7.vi has been added stating:

The RACGP will permit a non-standard suspension where a Candidate enters an Approved Remediation Term and is deemed ineligible to sit the Fellowship Exams as per Clause 4.4.

This amendment aligns with the existing process; a non-standard suspension is applied when a candidate enters an approved remediation term and becomes ineligible to sit the Fellowship Exams as a result.

When do these changes take place?
These amendments come into effect on Monday 5 June 2023.

Where can I view the documents?
The updated policies can be accessed below:

All training program policies can be accessed via the RACGP website.

What if I have questions?
If you have any enquiries relating to the updated policies, please contact educationpolicy@racgp.org.au