Policy Update Notice: Dispute, Reconsideration and Appeals Policy

03 July 2023

This notice is to advise the RACGP has updated the Dispute, Reconsideration and Appeals Policy. The updated policy will come into immediate effect, superseding the previous policy as of Monday, 3 July 2023.

What has changed?

Affected clause



6. Dispute of a CPD decision

The scope of the policy has been broadened to include disputes and appeals relating to Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

To meet compliance obligations and ensure CPD participants have an impartial avenue to raise disputes.

7.3 - re. timeframe to apply for reconsideration

All applications for reconsideration are now subject to the same timeframe requirement – i.e. all applications must be made within 10 business days following receipt of notification of the original decision.

(The previous version of the policy had a specific 2-business day requirement applicable to reconsiderations for Training Program entry decisions. This requirement has been removed to align with the ‘blanket’ 10-business day rule.)

To ensure procedural fairness and natural justice for all applicants, regardless of the nature of their reconsideration.

8.3 The Appeals Committee

A sub-clause has been added (8.3.iv) to detail the mandated composition of the Appeals Committee.

To provide clarity and transparency around who may be part of an Appeals Committee.

When do these changes take place?
The changes take place on Monday 3 July 2023.

Where can I view the documents?
The updated handbook can be accessed below:

All training program policies can be accessed via the RACGP website.

What if I have questions?
If you have any enquiries relating to the updated policy, please contact educationpolicy@racgp.org.au