Practice Experience Program Specialist (PEP SP) Participant Handbook - Substantially Comparable Stream

Training program

WBA second attempt

Workplace based assessments

WBA second attempt

The second attempt will consist of four (4) direct observations and two (2) CCAs. One CCA will have an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander focus and the other CCA will be targeted at one of your identified learning needs.

You will be responsible to book your second attempts using the WBA booking calendar. For any scheduling questions, you may contact the PEP SP administration team at

Participants who are nearing the end of their training program may apply for an extension of program time to complete their second attempts, as per the PEP SP Requirements for Fellowship Policy.

The assessors marking your second attempts will be different independent assessors from the assessors who conducted your first round of WBAs. Additionally, each WBA in your second attempt will be marked by two assessors as described in Figure 6.

Figure 6: Clinical assessment second attempt – dual assessor model

After you have completed all six additional WBA activities, senior MEs will consider your performance against each WBA competency and determine whether you meet the standards set for a specialist GP at the point of admission to Fellowship.

  • If you meet the standards set for a new Fellow, you will be able to apply for admission to FRACGP provided you meet all the other requirements for Fellowship.
  • If you do not meet the standards set for a new Fellow, you will have no further attempt at WBAs and will not be able to be admitted to FRACGP on the SC stream. You will be reclassified as Partially Comparable; this means that you will be transferred to the Partially Comparable stream of the PEP SP and be required to successfully pass the Fellowship exams before you can apply for admission to FRACGP.

Figure 7: WBA flowchart