Practice Experience Program Specialist (PEP SP) Participant Handbook - Substantially Comparable Stream

Let’s get you started

Key people

Let’s get you started

Key people

In this section, we’ll look at the people who will be supporting you as you progress through the PEP SP.

Your supervisor is an experienced specialist GP who has have been approved by the MBA to provide supervision. They will provide you with clinical support, advice and feedback while you work in your approved practice so you can develop your skills in a supportive environment and transition to the Australian health care system successfully.

Your supervisor's main responsibilities will be to:

  • share their professional knowledge and skills,
  • assist you with your practice clinical queries,
  • orientate you to the practice and local context,
  • facilitate your understanding of the Australian health care and support systems.

You’ll be allocated a Medical Educator (ME) when you start on the program. MEs are staff of the RACGP; they are also experienced GPs with extensive educational and practical knowledge in the general practice environment. Their role is to mentor and support your educational needs as you progress through the PEP SP. You’ll have regular meetings with your ME throughout your program.

Your ME’s main responsibilities will be to:

  • provide educational and training support,
  • assist you with program planning,
  • monitor and discuss your performance as you progress through the program,
  • encourage self-reflection,
  • help you identify your learning needs and areas where you may need additional support.

The PEP SP team is here to support you. They will communicate with you, mostly via email, to provide information about the program and its milestones as you progress towards Fellowship.

To contact them, please email