Practice Experience Program Specialist (PEP SP) Participant Handbook - Substantially Comparable Stream

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Important reminders

Let's get you started

Important reminders

You must hold medical registration and be a financial member of the RACGP throughout the entire PEP SP, including while you are being admitted to Fellowship. For further information on how to apply for medical registration and how to become an RACGP member, go to the PEP SP Application Handbook.

If your medical registration changes at any time during your program, you must advise us via the Change of Circumstance Form available on the PEP SP portal.

A change to your medical registration might include a restriction, condition, limitation, reprimand, supervision requirement, tribunal outcome, suspension, undertaking and/or other remark or change. The AHPRA website contains information about the possible outcomes that may arise if a concern is raised about you.

Failure to disclose changes on your registration will be handled as per the Academic Misconduct Policy.

Continuing professional development

Like all GPs, you will need to meet your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements as you progress through the PEP SP, as per the Medical Board of Australia’s Registration standard: CPD. The RACGP has a comprehensive CPD program available to members, with streamlined systems for logging your progress. Go to Your home for CPD for more information.

You’ll need to be a Registrar Associate member at the commencement of Training and throughout your program; your program time won’t be recognised under other membership types. The RACGP Constitution details your rights as an RACGP member.

Each year you'll be issued a membership renewal which must be paid within 3 months of the due date.

If you do not maintain RACGP membership, you may be withdrawn from the PEP SP as per the PEP SP Withdrawal Policy.