Practice Experience Program Specialist (PEP SP) Participant Handbook - Partially Comparable Stream

Fellowship exams

Enrolment in exams

Fellowship exams

Enrolment in exams

The RACGP will not automatically enrol you in Fellowship exams once you become eligible. It is your responsibility to monitor when Fellowship exams are scheduled, and to enrol in any you are eligible for and wish to sit.  

Keep in mind that you are bound by your program time cap and that you must pass your Fellowship exams during this time. Delaying your enrolment may mean that you could run out of time to pass the exams. 

For more information about exam enrolment and upcoming exam dates, visit the Exam enrolment webpage.

You may enrol in the exams before the end of your training program provided you meet all the exam eligibility requirements by the time you sit your first Fellowship exam.  

Sitting exams while on approved leave

If you’re on a period of approved leave, you’re not automatically eligible to sit Fellowship exams.

An exemption to sit exams while on leave may be granted following a discussion with your ME to consider your personal circumstances. This is to ensure you are provided with the appropriate support to prepare for exams while on leave.

Becoming ineligible after enrolling in an exam

If you become ineligible for a Fellowship exam at any time after enrolling in that exam, you must inform the RACGP and withdraw from the exam. Failure to do so will be handled as per the Academic Misconduct Policy.

You may become ineligible if:
  • there is a change in your medical registration (addition of addenda, loss of registration or change to type of registration held)
  • you are on an approved period of leave and don’t have an exemption to sit the Fellowship exam while on leave. 

For more information about withdrawal from a Fellowship exam, including withdrawal fees, refer to the Assessments and Examinations Candidate Handbook.