Practice Experience Program Specialist (PEP SP) Application Handbook

Application post comparability assessment

Getting your offer of employment approved by the RACGP

PEP SP application

Getting your offer of employment approved by the RACGP

Once you have secured employment, you’ll need to go to the PEP SP application platform and complete Part B – Job Offer Approval application.

You will be required to submit a letter of offer from your intended practice that includes:

  • the supervisor's details,
  • the scope of practice, 
  • the intended hours of work, 
  • the duties,
  • the practice location, and
  • the commencement date.

The letter of offer must be signed no more than six calendar months before it is submitted to the RACGP for approval. 

The RACGP may take up to three weeks to review your job offer.

The RACGP will contact you via email to let you know whether your job offer is approved or not.


If there are any changes to your employment offer after you have submitted it for approval, you must notify the RACGP as soon as possible at