Practice Experience Program Specialist (PEP SP) Application Handbook

Application post comparability assessment

Finalising your entry into PEP SP

PEP SP application

Finalising your entry into PEP SP

Once you have successfully completed all three sections (Part A, B and C) on the PEP SP application platform, your application will be formally approved by the RACGP.

There are a few more things you’ll need to finalise before you can officially start on the program. You will need to:

After we have confirmed that you have successfully completed Part A, B and C on the PEP SP application platform, the RACGP will email you the PEP SP program agreement and an invoice for the program fees. You must pay the fees and return a signed copy of the program agreement to to accept your training offer and confirm your commitment to the program. Important You must commence work in your RACGP-approved practice within 6 calendar months of signing your program agreement.

As you return the signed program agreement, you must provide evidence that you hold a valid Basic Life Support (BLS) certification. Expired certifications will not be accepted. You will find more information about BLS, approved instructors and courses centres in the Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support Guide.

You must be a financial member of the RACGP throughout the PEP SP, including while you are sitting the Fellowship exams and being admitted to Fellowship. We will send you information about RACGP membership with the PEP SP program agreement. You must join and pay your membership fees before you commence work in the RACGP-approved practice. Important If you do not maintain RACGP membership, you will be suspended or withdrawn from the program. 


If you do not maintain RACGP membership, you will be suspended or withdrawn from the program.

The RACGP will email you a Medicare provider number application form after your application has been approved. Make sure you complete it and return it to the RACGP at as soon as possible.

The RACGP is authorised to approve A1 Medicare provider numbers for PEP SP participants working in approved practices. This will allow your patients to access A1 rebates, which are the standard rebates for qualified GPs and GPs in training.


You will be able to access the highest value Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items while you are on the PEP SP.

It can take up to 12 weeks for the application to be processed by the RACGP, the Department of Health and Aged Care, and Services Australia. Once processed, you will receive an approved placement outcome letter from Services Australia outlining your provider number, placement address, exemption/s, and placement start and end dates.

Congratulations, you are now ready to commence work in your RACGP-approved practice!

You will find useful information about the program in the PEP SP Participant Handbook - Partially Comparable Stream or PEP SP Participant Handbook - Substantially Comparable Stream.