Practice Experience Program Specialist (PEP SP) Application Handbook

Comparability assessment

When will I find out the outcome of the comparability assessment?

Applying for a comparability assessment

When will I find out the outcome of the comparability assessment?

It can take up to ten weeks to assess an application, provided you have submitted all the required information and documentary evidence.

If the RACGP requires supplementary information to complete their assessment, they will contact you via email. Any request for additional information is likely to extend the assessment timeframe beyond the normal ten weeks.

Once the RACGP has assessed your application, we will email you a Summary of Preliminary Review (SPR) to advise whether you have been deemed Substantially Comparable, Partially Comparable or Not Comparable to an Australian trained general practitioner at the point of admission to Fellowship.

After you receive the SPR, you must respond to the RACGP via email to confirm whether you accept the SPR findings. If you believe there were errors, gaps or omissions in the information assessed in the SPR, you will have 21 days to contact the RACGP and provide clarification or additional information to be considered in the assessment. If you do not provide clarification or additional information by the end of the 21-day timeframe, the original SPR findings will be upheld.

Once you have confirmed that you accept the SPR findings, the RACGP will email you a Comparability Assessment outcome letter. The outcome of your comparability assessment will be valid for 12 calendar months from the date of the outcome letter. This means that you have 12 calendar months from the date of your outcome letter to submit your complete PEP SP application (ie Part B – Job Offer Approval Application and Part C – Right to Work application) and to sign your program agreement.


If you don’t complete your PEP-SP application within 12 calendar months after receiving your outcome letter, you will have to apply for a new comparability assessment to ensure you still meet the eligibility requirements.

If, after you have received your outcome letter, you believe the Comparability Assessment was made incorrectly, you may apply for reconsideration of the assessment outcome as per the Dispute, Reconsideration and Appeals Policy.

You may re-apply for another comparability assessment at any time, but only if you can demonstrate that there have been significant changes to your training and/or experience since your initial assessment. If you are planning to re-apply for a comparability assessment, please contact for guidance tailored to your circumstances.