Practice Experience Program Specialist (PEP SP) Participant Handbook - Substantially Comparable Stream

Training program

Supervised practice

Training program

Supervised practice

You must work under supervision in your RACGP-approved practice while completing your training program.

Completing a minimum of six months (FTE) of supervised practice and maintaining supervisory requirement until admission to Fellowship are both FRACGP eligibility requirements.

It is your responsibility to find a practice, secure an offer of employment, and have it approved by the RACGP. For more information about securing employment and getting it approved by RACGP, go to the PEP SP Application Handbook.

As a participant on the SC stream, you must complete your period of supervised practice in a regional, rural or remote area (i.e. an area classified as MM2-MM7 under the Modified Monash Model), unless you qualify for an exemption as per the General Practice Fellowship Placement Guidelines1 You may work in a metropolitan area (i.e. classified as MM1) provided it is classified as a Distribution Priority Area (DPA).

You must start work in Australia in your approved practice within six calendar months of signing your program agreement.

Note: Participants who were granted entry in the PEP SP with an accommodation to their recency requirement will be required to complete ‘make-up’ time in supervised practice in addition to the mandated six calendar months, as per clause 2.6 of the PEP SP Comparability Assessment Guide. If this applies to you, the additional time you must complete will be communicated to you before you start the PEP SP.

Supervision level

Before you start on the PC stream, the RACGP will make a recommendation to the MBA regarding your required level of supervision while you work in your approved practice. The recommended supervision level will be based on the outcome of your comparability assessment and your intended position and context of practice.

Most participants will start work in their approved practice on Level 3 supervision. Level 3 supervision means that:

  • you will take primary responsibility for each individual patient,
  • you will be permitted to work alone provided that your supervisor is contactable by telephone or video link, and
  • your supervisor must ensure that there are mechanisms in place to monitor whether you are practising safely.

For more information about supervision level, go to the AHPRA website.

As you progress through your period of supervised practice, the RACGP may recommend to the MBA that your supervision level be changed to a lower or higher level, as per the PEP SP Supervision Policy.

Program commencement date

You are considered to have started the PEP SP on the day you commence work in Australia in your RACGP-approved practice (ie the day you start seeing patients). This is an important date to remember as it will be used to calculate your program time cap.

You must notify the RACGP of your commencement date, ideally before you start work in your practice and no later than two calendar weeks after starting work.

Supervisor report

After you have spent three calendar months in your approved practice, you and your supervisor will be required to complete a Work Performance Report. The purpose of the report is to review and rate several performance criteria against the expected standard of an Australian trained GP at the point of admission to Fellowship, and to capture areas of strength and areas requiring further development. Once completed, you must submit the report to the RACGP, either by emailing it to or by uploading it directly to the PEP SP Portal. A copy of the report must also be sent to the MBA by your supervisor.

1 Location requirements are determined by the Department of Health and Aged Care and are subject to change outside the control of the RACGP.