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Practice Experience Program – Provider number continuation requirements


Practice Experience Program (PEP) participants may have their provider number extended following satisfactory completion of the educational components of the program, for a period of three years, with the possibility of extension.

As per the Practice Experience Program Progression Policy and the Satisfactory Completion Framework – Phase 1, this continuation is dependent upon the participant meeting the framework’s criteria for satisfactory completion.

If Fellowship is not achieved within the 3 year continuation period, a participant can apply for a provider number extension. This document outlines the requirements which must be met in order for a participant to be eligible for such an extension as per the Practice Experience Program Phase 2 Progression Policy.

Requirements for continuation of provider number

The key criteria are as follows:

  1. The participant shows a commitment to professional development through reflection on performance, self-directed study and the identification of personal learning needs
  2. The participant makes genuine and continuing effort towards completion of Fellowship requirements

Not met


Long periods of leave taken without prior approval which have impacted on ability to complete program requirements

Any periods of extended leave are applied for and approved in advance, in line with the Practice Experience Program Phase 2 Progression Policy

Fails to complete CPD requirements

QI&CPD requirements for the relevant triennium are completed in a timely manner

Repeatedly fails to respond to communications or does so in an unprofessional manner

Responds to communications in a professional manner

Participant did not start sitting exams at the point of exam eligibility

Participant started sitting exams as soon as they became eligible

In excess of the standard six month exam candidacy suspension has been taken (i.e. has taken more than 1 six month break between exam sittings)

Standard six month exam candidacy suspension has been taken

Participant has failed to meet exam eligibility requirements in a timely manner through failure to have sufficient recent work in comprehensive general practice

Participant has worked in appropriate general practice services to meet exam eligibility requirements in a timely manner.


Version Date of effect Amended by
1 2/9/2019 Education Policy and Guidance Lead
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