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Practice Experience Program – Standard Stream Transfer


Last updated 29 January 2024

1. Purpose

1.1 The purpose of this policy is to describe the application requirements and process for Practice Experience Program – Standard Steam (PEP Standard) participants to transfer between Training Organisations.

2. Scope

2.1 This policy applied to all participants in the PEP Standard.

2.2 This policy is to be read in conjunction with the Practice Experience Program - Standard Stream Leave and Extensions Policy

3. General principles

3.1 The RACGP expects participants to remain with their Allocated Training Organisation for the duration of their time in the PEP Standard.

3.2 The RACGP recognises that participants may need to transfer Training Organisations during their time in the PEP. Participants may be able to transfer Training Organisations and begin their next PEP Standard term with the Recipient Training Organisation for any reason; however participants are not automatically entitled to a transfer. Each application will be assessed on a case by case basis.

3.3 All requests for transfer must be approved by both the Allocated Training Organisation and the Recipient Training Organisation.

3.4 Participants are responsible for maintaining their employment while applications for transfer and new provider number are assessed.

3.5 If a Participant requires a transfer after the commencement of a PEP term, they must apply for a special exemption by submitting the Special Exemption Application Form.

4. Requirements for transfer

4.1 If a participant secures a job at a new practice, they must notify the RACGP by completing the Change in Circumstances form via the PEP portal. The RACGP will assess the new practice for suitability to support the Participant’s progression in the PEP.

4.2 If the new practice is assessed as suitable, the RACGP will liaise with the Allocated Training Organisation and Recipient Training Organisation to facilitate the transfer.

4.3 Following approval of a transfer, the participant is required to apply for a new provider number. This may take up to 12 weeks following approval of the transfer.

4.4 During the period where eligibility for a new provider number is being assessed and the provider number approved a participant must either:

  1. take leave from the program ; or
  2. undertake the program on a clinical break for up to three months, in line with the Practice Experience Program - Standard Stream Leave and Extensions Policy.

4.5 If the new practice is assessed as unsuitable, or if both the Allocated Training Organisation and Recipient Training Organisation do not approve the transfer, the request for transfer will be declined.

5. Amendment of this Policy

5.1 The Censor-In-Chief may, without the consent of the Board, make Minor, Moderate and Extenuating Amendments to this policy at any time. If the CIC makes Minor Amendments, they must advise the Board of those amendments as soon as practicable.

5.2 The Board may make amendments to this policy at any time.

9. Responsibilities

6.1 RACGP Board

Responsible for approval of policy and Major Amendments.

6.2 Censor-in-Chief

Responsible for approval of Moderate, Minor and Extenuating Amendments to the policy by delegation of the RACGP Board.

6.3 Participants

Responsible for:

  1. Applying for a new provider number is a transfer is approved
  2. Applying for transfers
  3. Providing all requested supporting documentation for their application, and
  4. Notifying the RACGP if they change employers/practices

6.4 Training Organisations

Responsible for approval of transfer requests.


Responsible for:

  1. The assessment and approval of transfer requests,
  2. Liaising with training organisations for transfer requests, and
  3. Assessing new practices for suitability

7. Glossaries

7.1 Minor Amendment

An amendment to style, to correct grammatical mistakes, to change overall formatting, to make updates which do not materially change meaning, or any other amendment, which in the opinion of the owner of the policy, does not materially alter the operation of the policy. 

7.2 Allocated Training Organisation

The Training Organisation in which the participant was originally placed during the application process.

7.3 Clinical break

A period of up to three months during which the participant may continue educational program components while not working clinically.

7.4 Extenuating and unforeseen circumstances

Circumstances which are considered on a case by case basis, but must relate to circumstances which were unforeseen, outside the participant’s control and which can be shown to have a direct and significant impact on the participant’s ability to complete the PEP requirements in their allocated training region, including:

  1. ill-health (other than minor illnesses) with valid certificates;
  2. carer’s leave with valid certificates;
  3. bereavement;
  4. acute adverse life circumstances;
  5. hospitalisation;
  6. Australian Defence Force deployment leave;
  7. Loss of employment, medical registration or provider number; or
  8. . Other circumstances involving significant changes to a participant’s circumstances.

7.5 Participant

A medical practitioner enrolled in the Practice Experience Program.

7.6 Recipient Training Organisation

The Training Organisation to which the participant wishes to transfer.

7.7 Training Organisation

For the purpose of this policy, this encompasses Regional Training Organisations (RTOs) and the Remote Vocational Training Scheme (RVTS). This does not include the RACGP.


8. Related Documents, Legislation and Policies



9. Policy Review and Currency

This policy will be reviewed every three years from the last approval date, or when there is a significant change in the intent of the policy. This policy remains valid and applicable notwithstanding if it is overdue for review



Date of effect

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Policy Officer, Education Policy and Guidance

Amendment details

  • Amendments to clause 6 relating to responsibilities.
  • Nomenclature review.

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