GP supervisors

Find the resources and tools you need to train the next generation of general practitioners.


GP supervisors

Find the resources and tools you need to train the next generation of general practitioners.


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As of February 1, 2023, the RACGP will manage the provision of the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) Program and coordinate GP supervisors. We’re here to provide the support and resources you need to train the next generation of GPs on their path to Fellowship.

Training resources

Access the resources you need to train the next generation of Australian GPs. From the AGPT practice and supervisor handbook to teaching plans, we can help you set a course for your registrars on their journey to Fellowship.  

View the AGPT Practice and supervisor handbook

This handbook includes all the information you need to host and support a registrar. Find information about the AGPT program and your responsibilities, tools, resources for all staff, and policies.

Looking to host a GP registrar in your practice?

Find out how to become an accredited training practice with the RACGP.  

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Understanding Practice Payments

Payment amounts are set by the Department of Health and paid according to the MMM classification of the accredited training practice.

Discover GP training teaching resources

Access RACGP curriculum and syllabus resources. These practical guides can help your registrars master the key competency and learning outcomes of GP training.

GP supervisor professional development

Review your GP supervisor professional development requirements and learn about requirements for new supervisors.

Report or access critical incidents 
Accurate reporting is a crucial part of general practice training to reduce adverse outcomes, prevent harm, and protect our GPs and the community.  

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Registrar employment terms and conditions 
The National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrar (NTCER) agreement outlines employment terms and conditions for GP registrars.  

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RACGP accreditation 
Accreditation ensures a high standard of GP training by helping practices to meet safety and industry standards. Understand eligibility, standards and requirements for accreditation.

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Training site and supervisor payments 
Receive your training practice and supervisor payments from Services Australia from 2023.

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Log into the Training Management System (TMS)

The training portal manages all information relating to the general practice training journey. Track training progress, access information regarding placements, accreditations, contracts and workplace-based assessments, and find other tools to navigate general practice training. 

AGPT Supervisor Requirements at a glance

Download our handy one-pager document that outlines requirements for supervisors of AGPT registrars starting in January and February of 2023. View links to documents, forms and websites related to training your registrar.

Training support

General Practitioner Training Support Line:
1800 472 247

GP training contacts
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