The Clinical Competencies for the CCE

Criteria and performance lists

Last revised: 19 Mar 2024

Within each clinical competency there are a number of criteria describing the performance expected at the level of early Fellowship. That level is the point at which the candidate is ready for unsupervised practice in Australia and is calibrated against the Progressive capability profile of the general practitioner. Each criterion is a description of a measurable action, and each criterion has a description of performance against which that action can be measured. These performance lists provide a word picture of the expected behaviour and frame the competencies in the context of clinical practice. Performance lists are provided to guide assessors and provide narrative anchors for rating performance.

The performance lists are not linked to a stage of training, to align with the concept that competencies develop at different rates for the individual. The criteria and performance lists serve as the link between the competencies and clinical practice.

The criteria and performance lists are used to develop the rubrics for clinical assessments, with each assessment tool focusing on different areas in different ways. The standard expected is set at the point of Fellowship for all assessments. The decision to be made in any assessment is binary – at the standard or not. Being at the standard expected means that the candidate is ready for unsupervised general practice in Australia.

Descriptions of each of the clinical competencies are in the following pages. The performance lists for each competency outcomes are contained in the Clinical Competency Rubric.

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