The Clinical Competencies for the CCE


5. Preventive and population health

Last revised: 19 Mar 2024

CS 3.1 General practitioners make rational decisions based on the current and future health care needs of the community and the Australian healthcare system.
CS 3.2 General practitioners effectively lead to address the unique health needs of the community.
CS 1.2 General Practitioners use effective health education to promote health and wellbeing to empower patients

This competency is about the provision of general practice care and service that supports economically rational and effective use of the healthcare system. Issues related to public health are identified and managed. The determinants of health and disease are identified both on the individual and community level. Disease prevention and health promotion activities are included here.


  1. Implements screening and prevention strategies to improve outcomes for individuals at risk of common causes of morbidity and mortality
  2. Uses planned and opportunistic approaches to provide screening, preventative care and health-promotion activities
  3. Coordinates a team-based approach
  4. Demonstrates understanding of available services in the local community
  5. Current and emerging public health risks are managed appropriately
  6. Educates patients and families in disease management and health-promotion skills
  7. Identifies opportunities to effect positive change through health education and promotion
  8. Uses appropriate strategies to motivate and assist patients in maintaining health behaviours
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health context
  1. Uses evidence-based preventive and population health approaches to reduce health inequalities in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities 
  2. Identifies health-delivery strategies to reduce inequities and enhance self determination
Rural health context
  1. Develops and delivers health-promotion activities in the community to address identified risks
  2. Establishes and sustains health-education and health-promotion networks
  3. Implements strategies to minimise obstacles to accessing care
  4. Works effectively with government and nongovernment organisations and the community to optimise health service provision
  5. Manages public health risks according to various guidelines

For the trainee

As a GP, you need to have a good understanding of community resources, and how to access these in partnership with your patients and their families. You also need to be aware of public health issues. This area will assess how you approach disease prevention and health promotion.

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