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Fellowship of the RACGP

Important Information - RPL requirements for exam eligibility

Registrars requiring Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to meet the examination eligibility requirements must apply to the RACGP by the end of GPT1. Further details are available in the Applying for Recognition of Prior Learning guidance document.


To be eligible to undertake one or more of the RACGP Fellowship assessment segments, applicants must be participating in one of the prescribed pathways to Fellowship. These pathways are:

  • Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) registrar
  • Remote Vocational Training Scheme (RVTS) registrar
  • General Practice Experience (Practice Eligible)
  • New General Practice Experience Pathway Pilot
  • Specialist Pathway Program
  • Practice Based Assessment Pathway Pilot

Refer to Becoming a GP and the Fellowship Pathways Policy Framework for more information.

Acceptance of a candidate’s enrolment does not constitute an endorsement of that candidate’s eligibility to sit the exam. All enrolments are subject to eligibility audits conducted by the RACGP at the end of the enrolment period. Any applicant who does not meet the eligibility requirements will be automatically withdrawn from the examination segment and will be subject to a $100 withdrawal fee per examination segment.

Restrictions on exam attempts

After three unsuccessful attempts at the same exam segment, candidates will be required to show just cause to be able to enrol for a fourth attempt. If a candidate is unsuccessful again, further restrictions will apply according to clause 1.4 of the Fellowship Exams Candidate Handbook.

Medical Registration

Candidates must hold current Australian medical registration throughout the assessment process. Candidates must disclose any restrictions on their practise or changes to their medical registration to the RACGP. Failure to do this will be handled as per the Educational Misconduct Policy.

Withdrawing from an exam

Exam withdrawals received up to and including 20 business days before any scheduled exam date will be refunded the exam fee less a $100 withdrawal fee (per exam). Exam withdrawals received after this date are non-refundable.

Exam segment prerequisites

Candidates may enrol in all three-exam segments within the one cycle/semester. Candidates who are awaiting results from the AKT and/or KFP exam segments are able to enrol in the OSCE whilst they await receipt of those results. Any candidate who is unsuccessful in those segments and is enrolled in the OSCE will be withdrawn and a full refund issued.

All candidates must hold a pass in the AKT and KFP as a prerequisite to undertaking the OSCE.

Changes to an exam

The RACGP strives to deliver the exams as published, however, in limited circumstances it will need to make changes to the delivery and/or format of an exam, including postponing or even cancelling an exam. The RACGP cannot run an exam when enrolment numbers are insufficient to achieve statistically reliable outcomes.

In these circumstances, the RACGP is not liable to candidates for any damages, costs, losses or expenses of any kind incurred or suffered in connection with the exams.


The relevant procedures and policies for Fellowship assessment candidates are available at policies including:

Note: Prior to submitting your enrolment, you will be asked to declare that you have read and understood the policies as part of the terms of enrolment in Fellowship assessments.


The RACGP has a Privacy Policy that reflects recent changes in Federal and State Privacy Legislation. The RACGP Privacy statement is available at  prior to submitting your exam enrolment, you will be asked to declare that you have read and understood the Privacy Statement as part of the terms of enrolment in the RACGP Fellowship assessments.

Please note:

  • Audits will be undertaken to verify the accuracy of information provided online, and supporting documentation may be requested;
  • All information entered on the online enrolment system must be true and correct. Provision of false or misleading information will be handled as per in accordance with the Educational Misconduct Policy;
  • Candidates are able to enrol in one exam segment and return at a later date (within the applicable enrolment period) to enrol in another exam segment;
  • If you have a result pending for an exam segment you cannot enrol in that same segment until your results are released;
  • Payments are only accepted by credit card for exams, and candidates receive an immediate receipt of payment via email;
  • Confirmation of enrolment is provided immediately via email upon successful enrolment. If a confirmation email is not received, contact the RACGP immediately.

2018.2 Enrolment period

SegmentEnrolment dates
AKT & KFP  (Computer-based) Open: 9am AEDT, 19 March 2018
Close: 8pm AEST, 18 May 2018
OSCE (Clinical) Open: 9am AEDT, 19 March 2018
Close: 8pm AEST, 7 September 2018

2019.1 Enrolment period

SegmentEnrolment dates
AKT & KFP (Computer-based) Open: 9am AEDT, 17 September 2018
Close: 8pm AEST, 16 November 2018
OSCE (Clinical) Open: 9am AEDT, 17 September 2018
Close: 8pm AEST, 29 March 2019

2019.2 Enrolment period

SegmentEnrolment dates
AKT & KFP (Computer-based) Open: 9am AEDT, 18 March 2019
Close: 8pm AEST, 17 May 2019
OSCE (Clinical) Open: 9am AEDT, 18 March 2019
Close: 8pm AEST, 13 September 2019

Exam segment fees and dates (GST free)

Payment is made online at the time of enrolment via credit card.

Financial hardship

Candidates facing financial hardship may request an alternative payment arrangement by emailing and requesting a manual enrolment form within the applicable enrolment period.

Further details are available in clause 3.1 of the Fellowship Exams Candidate Handbook.


SegmentFee (AUD)Assessment datesResults publication date
OSCE $4340 Saturday 26 May 2018 Thursday 5 July 2018


SegmentFee (AUD)Assessment datesResults publication date
KFP $2190 Friday 13 July 2018 Wednesday 5 September 2018
AKT $2190 Saturday 14 July 2018 Thursday 23 August 2018
OSCE $4340 Sunday 11 November 2018 Monday 17 December 2018


SegmentFee (AUD)Assessment datesResults publication date
KFP $2260 Friday 1 February 2019 Wednesday 27 March 2019
AKT $2260 Saturday 2 February 2019 Wednesday 20 March 2019
OSCE $4475 Saturday 25 May 2019 Wednesday 10 July 2019


SegmentFee (AUD)Assessment datesResults publication date
KFP $2260 Friday 19 July 2019 Wednesday 11 September 2019
AKT $2260 Saturday 20 July 2019 Wednesday 28 August 2019
OSCE $4475 Sunday 10 November 2019 Wednesday 18 December 2019

Exam venues

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some venues can only accommodate a set number of candidates and numbers will be capped accordingly. 

^ May not be operational for every OSCE

Venue allocations

IMPORTANT: Candidates are advised to wait until their venue allocation had been confirmed prior to making any travel arrangements.

When candidates submit their application for enrolment, they will be allocated to the closest available exam centre to their preferred address by priority of enrolment date.

Full details on the venue allocation process and options available to candidates who cannot attend a particular venue are detailed in clause 5.2 of the Fellowship Exams Candidate Handbook.

AKT & KFP (Computer-based) OSCE (Clinical)


Hobart Hobart^
Launceston Launceston^


Ballarat Geelong^
Melbourne Melbourne
Mildura Shepparton^

New South Wales

Broken Hill  
Sydney Sydney
Wagga Wagga  

Australian Capital Territory

Canberra Canberra


Brisbane Brisbane
Bundaberg Gold Coast
Cairns Townsville

Northern Territory

Alice Springs Darwin

Western Australia

Perth Perth

South Australia

Adelaide Adelaide


For enrolment queries please contact the RACGP:

Phone: 1800 626 901 (Monday-Friday 8am-8pm) 

Enrol now