How the standards work

Outcome based standards

The role of the RACGP is to measure and monitor the training outcomes and the processes used to reach them.

The Standards for general practice training are outcomes-based and focus on the quality of the outcomes for registrars and patients rather than on the means by which these will be achieved.

An outcomes-based framework avoids prescribing outputs or inputs unless they are fundamental to upholding the training standards.

The role of the training provider is to provide high quality, safe training outcomes for GP registrars.

The clear advantage of an outcomes-based focus on standards is that it enables flexibility in how training can be delivered, encouraging creativity and innovation and a focus on continuous improvement in registrar training outcomes.

There are three main vocational training themes that comprise the training standards framework.

  • Supervision and the practice environment
  • Education and training/teaching
  • Assessment

For each of the three training themes there are two or three associated standards. Each of these standards has at least two outcomes. The outcomes each have several criteria that provide more information about how the outcomes could be met. The RTO is responsible for providing evidence to demonstrate that each outcome has been met.

To further assist in implementing the training standards, examples of different types of evidence have been provided. The evidence is indicative and not intended to be an exhaustive list. Additional guidance has been included for each of the criteria.