Policy documents


RACGP Standards, Criterion states that delivering a range of general practice services addressing the depth and breadth of general practice forms the majority of the experience in the training post. The experience includes opportunities for continuity of care.

The RACGP recognises that ADF registrars often practice in special training environments. While special training environments can offer excellent training opportunities, it is vital that the registrar gains experience in the full depth and breadth of general practice.

General practice posts in special training environments may have some differences in terms of environment, funding, management and patient demographics. However, these posts should have the core features of general practice as defined in the RACGP Standards for General Practice Training.

Special training environments may be considered in the case of the ADF posts. Permission must be obtained from the RACGP to practise in other special training environments. No more than 6 months (FTE) in total of training time can be in special training environments. A minimum of 12 months (FTE) must be spent in comprehensive general practice.

ADF registrars are expected to make every effort to meet the training location obligations specified in clause 4 of the AGPT Training Obligations Policy 2020. However, due to their ADF service requirements, exceptions to the training location obligations may be granted.