Approval of overseas extended skills training posts

Approval of overseas extended skills training posts for GP Registrars in the ADF

All training posts must comply with the RACGP Standards for General Practice Training 3rd Edition. Overseas extended skills posts available to GP Registrars in the ADF require an additional level of compliance.

An application form must be completed by GP Registrars (GPR) in the ADF seeking to undertake an extended skills posts in an overseas setting. All overseas posts must be prospectively approved by the RACGP.

The aim of the extended skills term is to allow the GP Registrar to further their knowledge and skills in an area of interest or in need of development. An extended skills term is a minimum of one month and a maximum of six months full time position.

An overseas extended skills post requires that:

  • The nominated post is able to take GP Registrars.
  • There is appropriate onsite supervision. The supervisor’s current resume and declaration is required.
  • The post has relevant and appropriate opportunities for learning. Patient demographics, learning and teaching opportunities and the GPR’s learning plan are assessed.
  • The RTO must approve the registrar's learning plan and post.
  • The post is safe for the GPR. The GPR’s living arrangements and health service infrastructure will be assessed.
  • The registrar must have completed at least the first 12 months of general practice training in Australia before consideration for approval of an overseas extended skills post. The extended skills post is usually undertaken as the GPT4 training time.
  • Within three months of completion of the post the registrar must provide a summary report on the template provided. The report is to be signed by the Registrar, the training supervisors and the representative of the regional training organisation.

To be accepted as part of training, all documentation must be submitted to the RACGP prospectively for consideration and approval.

The RTO must liaise with the registrar concerning the completion of the form.


Non–approval of an overseas extended skills post

For a Registrar wishing to apply for reconsideration of a decision, the application process is detailed in the Fellowship Pathway Appeals Policy.

An Application for reconsideration form (the first step in the appeals process) must be filled in and returned to

Unfortunately, applications sent to other locations may not be received by the appeals team.