GP Registrars in the Australian Defence Force (ADF)

ADF General Practitioner in training – Training opportunities

The RACGP recognises that ADF General Practitioners in training (GPiT) often practice in diverse environments. These environments must be accredited and approved prospectively by the RACGP and include overseas extended skills training posts and Special training environments such as ADF bases.

Special training environments

Special training environments (STE) are posts offering excellent training opportunities but with a limited case mix and different operational arrangements. STEs do not meet accreditation standards for comprehensive general practice training and must therefore be approved prospectively by the RACGP for GP training.

Examples of special training environments include:

  • rural hospitals providing general practice services
  • Australian Defence Force (ADF) posts and
  • community practices that offer services targeted to specific population subgroups and where the full range of general practice is not experienced.

(RACGP Standards for General Practice Training 3rd Edition Criterion

STEs must provide the core features of general practice including continuity of care, whole-person care, preventive health and appropriate medical records with health summaries, follow-up, Supervision must be provided in accordance with the training standards. General Practitioners in Training (GPiT) can be placed at an RACGP approved STE for a maximum of 6 months. The RACGP recommends undertaking GPT1 and GPT2 (12 months) in comprehensive general practice.

For approval of STE site accreditation, health facilities and/or supervisors can apply using the RACGP Application for Special Training Environments form (attached below) in consultation with the training organisation. Following training organisation approval, the application is submitted to the RACGP via

Overseas Extended skills training posts

Overseas Extended skills training posts are available to GPiT in the ADF. Placements require individual prospective RACGP approval.

The aim of the extended skills term is to allow the ADF GPiT to further their knowledge and skills in an area of interest or in need of development. An extended skills term is a minimum of one month and a maximum of six months full time position.

Requirements of an overseas extended skills post:

  • The nominated post is able to take GPiTs.
  • There is appropriate onsite supervision. (The supervisor’s current resume and declaration is required)
  • The post has relevant and appropriate opportunities for learning. Patient demographics, learning and teaching opportunities are assessed.
  • The post is safe for the GPiT. The GPiT’s living arrangements and health service infrastructure are assessed.
  • The GPiT must have completed at least the first 12 months of general practice training in Australia before consideration for approval of an overseas extended skills post.
  • The GPiT must prepare a learning plan (Appendix A) outlining learning goals and expected experiences of the post. 
  • The RTO must approve the GPiTs learning plan and post.
  • Within three months of completion of the post the GPiT must provide a summary report (below) and updated Appendix A outlining the achievement of learning goals.

GPiT wishing to apply for an Oversees Extended Skills post must complete the application form, Appendix A (below) and associated documentation prospectively and liaise with their RTO for initial approval. Applications approved by RTOs are then submitted to the RACGP via The RACGP relevant state censor will review the application and associated documents and communicate with the RTO regarding any queries. The RACGP will provide formal approval or non-approval based on the information provided.


Application for Special Training Environments
ADF Overseas Extended skills application
Appendix A – ADF Overseas Extended Skills Training Post Learning plan
ADF Overseas Extended skills Summary Report

Further information and enquiries

Please refer to guidelines: RACGP Guidelines for implementing the RACGP Standards for GP Registrars in the Australian Defence Forces
Please refer to the policy: Policy Update Notice – Registrars in the Australian Defence Forces Guidance Document

Where an application has not been approved, an Application for reconsideration form must be filled in and returned to