Alternative models of training and Special training environments


Alternative models of training are developed by training organisations for use in situations that require a variance from the Standards for General Practice training 3rd Edition. The principles underlying training post and supervision requirements are to ensure:

  • The practice environment is safe and supports achievement of training outcomes
  • The practice provides quality training for the General Practitioner in training (GPiT) and is safe for the patients
  • The context of the training post is suitable for the training needs of the GPiT
  • Supervision is matched to the training needs and competence of the GPiT

Regardless of the training model used, these guiding principles must be applied to ensure a good outcome for the GPiT and the community.

Pre-approved models of training

Overtime, several alternative models have emerged as essentially the same with adaptations for local context. Based on these approved implemented and evaluated models, the RACGP has developed ‘pre-approved model’. Where applicable, training organisations are able to utilise these models in consultation with their State Censor. Training organisations notify the RACGP of the models implementation and an evaluation will then be requested at a specific time frame.

Please refer to the Guidelines for use of pre-approved alternative models of training below for more information.

Pre-approved models and notification form are also available in the downloads section below.

Application to trial an alternative model for general practice training

Training organisations must contact the relevant State Censor to discuss a proposed application for an alternative process.

Following Censor agreement, the training organisation completes the details of the proposed process for which they are seeking approval on the application form (attached below) and sends it to the Accreditation Unit with cc the relevant State Censor.

Following approval, the training organisation will be advised to evaluate the implementation of the process by a given date.

Evaluation of an Alternative model

An evaluation must be completed by the training organisation at 6 and 12 months post implementation of approved trial process. The training organisation completes the evaluation form (attached below) and sends it to the Accreditation Unit with cc the relevant State Censor.

Special training environments

Special training environments (STEs) are placements offering excellent training opportunities but with a limited case mix and different operational arrangements. STEs therefore do not meet accreditation standards for comprehensive general practice training. General Practitioners in Training (GPiT) can be placed at an RACGP-approved STE for a maximum of six months.

For approval of STE posts for Australian Defence force General Practitioners in Training, please refer to GP registrars in the Australian Defence form (ADF).

For approval of non ADF STE placements – training organisations are to discuss applications with the state censor. Following Censor agreement, the training organisation completes the RACGP Accreditation Application Special Training Environments (Template for RTOs) form (attached below) and sends it to the Accreditation Unit with cc the relevant State Censor.


Pre-Approved models