Contribute to check

Why provide and review content for check?

In addition to participating in the creation of a valuable education resource, contributing authors can apply for 40 CPD Activity points under the ‘Peer review journal article module’ for writing material that is published. Peer reviewers can self-claim two CPD Activity points for each hour they spend on the activity.

Authors and reviewers also derive other benefits from participating in the check program. Some brief testimonials are included below:

“It was good for me to have the opportunity to review my own knowledge and practice, based on needing to reference the case with up-to-date literature to ensure the recommendations were accurate, so thanks for giving me the chance to do it.”

“Writing cases is enjoyable and also a great opportunity to learn more about important and common topics.”

To find out more about contributing to check as an author or peer reviewer, please contact Hayley Hawkins.

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