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RACGP Standards for general practice training (4th edition)

Standard 8. Completion

Last revised: 10 Apr 2024

Standard 8 | The registrar completes the training program and is eligible to apply for Fellowship 

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The endpoint of training is to be admitted to Fellowship. At this point, the registrar is certified as competent to work unsupervised in comprehensive general practice anywhere in Australia and is eligible for Ahpra registration as a specialist GP.  Registrars completing the program will have the required clinical skills, professional attitudes and behaviours expected of a competent Australian GP. The competency expected at the point of Fellowship is defined by the Statement of Fellowship Outcomes in the Progressive capability profile of the general practitioner.    

Outcome 8.1 The registrar is competent to commence working as an unsupervised specialist GP in Australia having met RACGP requirements for Fellowship 


8.1.1 The registrar has demonstrated satisfactory completion of the educational and training requirements of the training program 

8.1.2 The registrar has successfully completed all assessments 

8.1.3 The registrar has demonstrated the professional behaviour expected by the RACGP and the public of a GP practising in Australia 


To be admitted to Fellowship, it is expected that the registrar must have completed: 

  1. The requirements for Fellowship as defined in policy and detailed in the relevant handbooks. This will require satisfactorily completing all components of the training program and the RACGP summative assessments.  
  2. Sufficient experience in comprehensive general practice. 
  3. A standard of professionalism as expected by the profession, professional colleagues and the community and defined by the Good medical practice: a code of conduct for doctors in Australia from the Medical Board.     

Registrars are expected to hold medical registration without addenda at the time of applying for Fellowship. In instances where there are addenda the application for Fellowship will be considered by the Council of Censors in line with the Fellowship Policy. 

This information is currently under development and will be made available for each training program ahead of implementation in 2025. 
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