Understanding the Curriculum

Using best practice guidelines for the development of curricula, the 2016 revision is a competency based one which is concise, and easy to use for both educators and for learners, at each stage of the GP learning life.

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RACGP 2016 Curriculum

The Core Skills (CS16) unit is the centrepiece of the curriculum in which the essential knowledge and skills that are integral for GPs to provide quality care to individuals and families across the lifespan from a broad range of sociocultural contexts, have been distilled. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health (AH16) and Rural health (RH16) units retain their own competency outcomes, that are mapped against the Core Skills.

Curriculum for Australian General Practice 2016

Contextual units

The contextual units are created to identify how the core skills can be best applied to individuals from different populations and with a variety of types of presentations to deliver what many refer to as the ‘art of general practice

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