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Activity description

96989 - Chronic Disease Management and the after-hours doctor

National Medical Services Pty Ltd

This session tackles the management of basic chronic diseases common in the Australian population.

Relevance to General Practice

NHDS provides after hours services nationally across Australia covering a population base of 1.2 million. Calls to the after hours service for patients over the age of 65 represent 20% of all calls and calls to aged care facilities are 11.5%. AIHW have described chronic disease as Australia's biggest challenge with one third of the population having a chronic disease. 8% of patients over the age of 65 have 4 or more chronic conditions. As such the clinical workforce of NHDS attends to a large number of patients with chronic diseases. As an after hours provider these clinicians are not responsible for the longitudinal care of these patients but do respond to patients with an exacerbation of their chronic disease.

Learning outcomes

  1. Describe the role of the after-hours doctor/service in treatment of people with chronic diseases
  2. Identify management approaches to common problems with respect to chronic diseases that arise in the after hours period
  3. List strategies to help patients support themselves in managing their chronic medical condition
  4. Implement a checklist to avoid common pitfalls and improve patient safety related to presentations primarily associated with a chronic medical condition

Domains of General Practice

D1. Communication skills and the patient-doctor relationship
  • Communication is clear, respectful, empathic and appropriate to the person and their sociocultural context

D2. Applied professional knowledge and skills
  • The conduct of the consultation is appropriate to the needs of the patient and the sociocultural context

D3. Population health and the context of general practice
  • The patterns and prevalence of disease are incorporated into screening and management practices

D4. Professional and ethical role
D5. Organisational and legal dimensions

Curriculum Contextual Units

  • Adult health

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Sunday 9 Apr 2017 12:00am - Tuesday 31 Dec 2019 12:00am

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