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Activity description

75521 - Avant webinar: Changes to privacy laws - $1.7 million reasons to be up to date

Avant Insurance Limited

This webinar will look at changes to privacy laws that will commence on 12 March 2014 and outlines what changes you will need to make to comply

Relevance to General Practice

Medical practitioners in all states and territories must comply with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 which contains the National Privacy Principles. In addition, VIC, NSW and ACT have their own legislation governing privacy obligations with which medical practitioners must also comply.

The Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 (Privacy Amendment Act) was introduced to Parliament on 23 May 2012 and was passed with amendments on 29 November 2012. The Privacy Amendment Act is a part of the privacy law reform process that began in 2006 The Act, which is due to come into effect in March 2014 allowing for a 15 month implementation period.

Learning outcomes

  1. Describe the changes to the privacy principles and the implications for their practice and patients
  2. Identify privacy issues when dealing with information in the healthcare environment
  3. Identify ways to prepare or update practice privacy policies and any relevant consent and disclosure forms

Domains of General Practice

D1. Communication skills and the patient-doctor relationship
  • Effective communication is used in challenging situations

D2. Applied professional knowledge and skills
D3. Population health and the context of general practice
D4. Professional and ethical role
D5. Organisational and legal dimensions

Curriculum Contextual Units

  • Aboriginal and Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander health

Session summary


Sunday 1 Jan 2017 12:00am - Tuesday 31 Dec 2019 5:00pm

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