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Activity description

179727 - simGP - Wokshop in Diagnosing Mood or Psychiatric Disorders

The Trustee for Hahn CBJ Unit Trust (T/A Hahn Healthcare Pty Ltd)

Understanding how to diagnose major depressive disorder using a diagnostic algorithm to diagnose depression and rule out other mood disorders, and provide ongoing care to patients with mental health issues

Relevance to General Practice

The mental health of the Australian population is an important topic that needs to be addressed as it plays a major role in overall health. In Australian general practice, mental health covers the assessment, management and ongoing care of the full range of mental health disorders seen in the community. Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a type of mood disorder which is characterised by dysfunction in the brain and mind leading to visible behavioural changes, clinical signs and symptoms. Doctors need to be sufficiently educated on identifying patients with mental health concerns and know what the appropriate treatment and management pathways are. GP’s play a major role in diagnosing and providing ongoing care to patients with mental health issues as patients speak with their GPs about psychological issues more than any other condition.

Learning outcomes

  1. Understand the differential diagnosis of major depressive disorder (MDD) in primary care
  2. Integrate a diagnostic algorithm to diagnose depression and rule out other mood or psychiatric disorders to improve patient outcomes
  3. Assess the available treatment options for major depressive disorder to ensure optimal patient outcome via shared decision making

Domains of General Practice

D1. Communication skills and the patient-doctor relationship
  • Effective communication is used in challenging situations

D2. Applied professional knowledge and skills
  • Diagnosis and management is evidence-based and relevant to the needs of the patient

D3. Population health and the context of general practice
D4. Professional and ethical role
D5. Organisational and legal dimensions

Curriculum Contextual Units

  • Adult health
  • Psychological health

Activity sponsor

Servier Laboratories Australia

Session summary


Tuesday 18 February 2020
7:00pm - 9:00pm


1889 Enoteca Woolloongabba


Face to face




All attendees welcome

Target Audience


For more information contact...

Zahni Bruin
T: 0299554163