Engagement activities and opportunities

We are firmly focussed on engaging the existing GP training workforce, GP registrars, GP supervisors and other stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition to college-led training.

Good engagement will help us implement effective and sustainable programs, services, and policies that deliver on GP workforce and community needs.

Current engagements include:

  • Face to face meetings between RACGP and RTO chairs/chief executives to discuss transition issues, concerns and preparedness for college-led training.
  • Participation in the Transition to College-Led Training Advisory Committee (TCLTAC), which provides advice to the government on the development and implementation of reforms as part of the transition to college-led training.
  • Monthly RTON marketing meetings where we work collaboratively with ACRRM and the RTOs to produce transition information.
  • Participation in Department of Health’s Transition Out Meetings to help RTOs transition out of the current training arrangements.

Future engagements/activities

Check to see what activities we have coming up. Contact us for any further information.

Education policy blueprint

Following consultations during 2021, the final report will be released in February 2022.

February 2022

Placement process mapping consultation

RTOs will be invited to discuss and provide feedback on the placement processes.

Aug/Sept 2022

Past engagements

View videos, see responses to audience questions, and find updates on engagements we’ve undertaken.

AGPT Handbook review

We’re looking for GPs in training, GP supervisors and practice staff to review our handbooks. This is a paid opportunity to review content and provide feedback.

23 May-17 June 2022

College-led training for GP registrars

Our panel talked about how the move to college-led training would affect registrars. Participants were able to bring their questions to the session. This session was facilitated by the GPs in Training National Faculty.

9 May 2022

The future of GP training with RACGP

This joint session with GPSA, discussed how the college-led training model will affect supervisors and practices. Participants provided a broad range of questions to our panel members.

4 May 2022