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Chairs report April 2022

26/04/2022 Written by Ms Christine Nixon APM

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Chairs report April 2022

A tremendous amount of work continues throughout the college to ensure the transition of training back to the RACGP. The Board discussed the operating model and the continuing grant negotiations with the Department of Health, among other topics related to profession-led training.

Preparation for the upcoming federal election is in full swing, with the college working towards meeting with MPs and political advisors in all the states and territories. Work is also being done on the post-election strategy. The Funding and Health System Reform expert committee and the policy team are currently re-evaluating the RACGP’s election statement in preparation for post-election engagement.

The Board approved the RACGP election policy and the timelines for the upcoming Censor-in-Chief and Presidential elections. Keep your eye out for the upcoming announcements.
An Extraordinary General Meeting will be held on 28 June 2022, and the Board and management team are preparing to issue the notices to members.

The Board has allowed the management team to start the process of identifying an appropriate interim Chair candidate for the proposed RACGP Northern Territory faculty, which will then be presented for approval at the June/July Board meeting.

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