Chair's report May 2021: profession-led training, climate action and renewal campaigns the focus

31/05/2021 Written by Ms Christine Nixon APM

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Chair's report May 2021: profession-led training, climate action and renewal campaigns the focus

We were excited to recommence our travelling RACGP Board meetings in May.

Subject to COVID-19 restrictions, the Board is planning for every second meeting to be held in person across Australia throughout 2021.

In May we met in Adelaide and the night before the meeting, the Board RACGP the SA&NT hosted a member cocktail party, followed by a Faculty Council/Board dinner. These Board and member-facing events are important engagement opportunities that provide an informal environment for members and the Faculty Council to meet with the directors and senior RACGP staff and provide feedback on issues of local and national importance to general practice. 

The May Board meeting included an extensive workshop on profession-led training, where we examined the key principles for working with the Australian Government and the RTOs on the transition of GP training to the college. 

The RACGP is working closely with all stakeholders to define the best financial and educational model to advance GP training and affect a seamless transfer of AGPT program to the RACGP. The Board and CEO are driving this project through an established strategic advisory group as well as significant involvement in stakeholder meetings and negotiations. The intensive resource requirements to work through this major transition were reviewed and approved.

The Board also reviewed the CPD membership renewal campaign, which has demonstrated very strong interest in renewal. Based on GP feedback, our membership categories are being reviewed to ensure they properly reflect the demographic of the membership. The Board also considered and supported engagement with all member groups, including the Primary Care Business Council.

The Board also discussed the nexus between climate change and environmental sustainably and health outcomes, reinforcing the importance of the RACGP operating in a sustainable manner. We determined to include climate and environmental sustainability action in the next RACGP Strategic Plan, and to take meaningful action immediately. Engagement will occur with RACGP Specific Interests Climate and Environmental Medicine.

The upcoming examination schedule and delivery processes were reviewed and approved by the Board, including for the AKT/KFP and the new Clinical Competency Exam.  

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