Chair's report March 2021

24/03/2021 Written by Ms Christine Nixon APM

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Chair's report March 2021

At the RACGP Board meeting in March, the Board reviewed the membership attraction and renewal strategy and activities. A key internal project that will be important to member engagement is the ongoing development of a Member Relationship Management software solution (typically known as a CRM) to allow member engagement in a segmented and customised manner.

In advance of another meeting with the Commonwealth Department of Health, the Board discussed the progress of RACGP-led training. A key new decision made by the Board has been to put the community at the centre of training. Accordingly, the RACGP will be referring to this initiative as Profession-based community-led general practice training.

The Board noted the continued work on the RACGP’s Strategic Plan. 

The Board also looked at the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and the role of GPs in that. It was noted that RACGP’s advocacy has led to improved GP involvement in the COVID-19 vaccine initiative, however the key success factors are dependent on a viable supply chain and clear definitions of the different categories of patients eligible for the vaccine.

The Operations team has been focusing on the required preparations for a COVID-safe return to office for staff.
A new vision for RACGP locations nationally will be presented to the Board in April, with a major goal being to decentralise RACGP Melbourne and re-brand RACGP office locations as “RACGP Hubs”. RACGP Member Zones will be rolled out at all RACGP hubs, incorporating member-bookable meeting rooms, small seminar space, tea/coffee facilities, computer kiosks and couches.

To recognise the expansive and valuable work done by the RACGP Expert Committees (RECs), the Board determined to formulate a new Board REC Chairs Committee. This new Committee will be chaired by me as the RACGP Board Chair and attended by the President, ensuring the REC has a clear and prominent dialogue with the RACGP Board.

The Board also received updates from the Board committees that have convened since the February Board meeting, which includes People, Nominations, Remuneration and Culture Committee, Federal Election Committee, the newly formed Education and Workforce Committee and the Meeting of the Provosts. 

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